The amounts won for clients through litigation or settlement negotiations vary according to the seriousness of injuries. The following cases represent a small sampling of the impressive results Richard Hershman has won, and show a spectrum of verdicts and settlements for injuries at various levels of severity. Notice the broad range of situations in which he has prevailed for clients. Each case of course is individual in nature, and the results that can be achieved will vary according to the facts. See Settlements of the Week on Richard's Blog.


  • A car fell off the back of an improperly loaded tow truck, causing fractured skull and brain injuries to man traveling in nearby van - $1.45 Million

  • 13 year old boy sustained a fractured leg when he was struck by a vehicle while walking on a sidewalk in a residential neighborhood - $525,000.00

  • 28 year old salesman involved in intersection collision resulting in neck injury with surgery - $325,000.00

  • 78 year old retiree struck by truck backing up resulting in hip fracture - $275,000.00

  • 37 year old deli worker struck by flying debris on highway sustaining knee injury requiring surgery - $200,000.00

  • 55 year old chef struck in the rear sustaining lower back injury - $200,000.00

  • 23 year old motor vehicle driver sustaining lower back injury $145,000.00

  • 40 year old nurse sustaining lower back injuries after being rear-ended - $100,000.00 representing all available insurance

  • 35 year old teacher sustaining neck. and jaw injuries when struck by vehicle backing up - $100,000.00 representing all available insurance

  • 77 year old bicyclist struck by taxi sustaining fractured wrist $100,000.00 representing all available insurance


  • 72 year old who tripped over lobby carpet causing fractured shoulder with surgery - $325,000.00

  • 60 year old retired painter who tripped and fell over a sidewalk defect in Queens - $400,000.00

  • 20 year old babysitter/student who had a window fall on her non-dominant thumb causing fracture with surgery - $150,000.00

  • 36 year old bank employee who tripped over a roadway crack while roller-blading resulting in ankle fracture with surgery - $150,000.00

  • 25 year old restaurant worker received back bums due to scolding pipe in bathroom - $125,000.00


  • 44 year old construction worker sustaining various injuries with shoulder and knee surgery - $700,000.00

  • Construction worker sustained serious burns and partial loss of two fingers when he was electrocuted on a scaffold while bore testing on the outside of a New York City building - $750,000.00

  • 33 year old construction worker who received electrical shock on a scaffold resulting in bums of two fingers - $150,000.00

  • 45 year old construction worker who sustained a fracture in lower leg after driving his cherry picker over a hole in a construction site - $120,000.00

  • 72 year old retired carpenter who fell off a ladder sustaining a fractured elbow - $110,000.00

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